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Affordable Lawn Maintenance and Hedge Trimming Services

Perfection Lawn Service, located in Tallahassee, Florida, delivers superior lawn maintenance options and hedge trimming services to ensure your property looks well-manicured. If you have flowerbeds, we will also take care of weed control and add mulch to create a finished look. When it comes to keeping your lawn and garden looking great, we are one of the most referred lawn care services around.

Lawn Maintenance

Our lawn techs are trained to understand both the native and exotic grasses people use to landscape homes and businesses in Tallahassee. By cutting, trimming, and edging your lawn, we will keep your yard manicured at all times.

Hedge Trimming Services

Squared off or decoratively trimmed hedges give any home, office, or hotel a sophisticated look. Consult with one of our experts about what is the best design for your hedges to complement your buildings. Then your hedges will be kept trim each time we service your yard.

Flowerbed Support

By weeding and the installation of either mulch or pine straw, we will keep your flower beds decorative and freshly maintained at all times.


Our lawn maintenance services are available year round, and no contract agreements are necessary to secure our expertise. We offer flexible schedules to ensure our clients are satisfied. Our lawn techs can provide service weekly, every 10 days, or biweekly. Call us to speak with one of our lawn care experts and schedule a free estimate for regular and affordable lawn care from Perfection Lawn Service.

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